you-can-stop-snoringSnoring is a common condition, so common that many people consider it a part of life that needs no treatment. However, snoring may cause difficulties. Snoring may cost a cosleeper hours of sleep every night, and may be a sign of sleep apnea, which is a potentially deadly health condition that requires treatment. Snoring treatment can be used to reduce the impact of snoring on your life.

What Causes Snoring

Snoring is caused by turbulent airflow in your nose and throat. This turbulent airflow is caused by a narrowing of your airway during sleep. During the day, gravity and your muscles work to keep your airway open, but when you lie down, gravity pulls your airway closed and your muscles relax, so that your airway narrows.

When your airway closes completely, it cuts off your air supply, which is known as obstructive sleep apnea. That is why snoring is considered an important warning sign of sleep apnea. Chronic snorers should be evaluated for sleep apnea.

Snoring Problems

Apart from sleep apnea, the primary concern of snorers is the impact of their snoring on people who share the bed or room with them. Snoring can cost these people an hour or more of sleep every night, which can lead to conflicts. Studies have shown that people who get less sleep tend to have more relationship problems, especially fights.

Snoring Treatment

Snoring can easily be treated with an oral appliance or mouthpiece. This is a simple device similar to a sports mouthguard or orthodontic retainer that you put in before going to sleep. It helps to reposition your jaw so that your airway stays more open.

It’s important to talk to a sleep dentist about your snoring treatment rather than trying to purchase an over-the-counter snoring appliance. If a snoring appliance isn’t custom-fitted by a dentist or adjusted properly to ensure your airway stays open, it may not help at all. There is also a risk that using a poorly fitted oral appliance may lead to orthodontic problems. Over-the-counter snoring appliances are often cheaply made so that even if they work, they will not work for long.

This reduces snoring. You can also try home remedies for snoring. Home remedies for snoring are most effective in combination with an oral appliance.

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