Although most oral appliance sleep devices work under the same basic principles, they come in a wide variety, designed to treat the specifics of your sleep apnea, caused by your specific anatomy, with different approaches. This page contains a basic breakdown of some of the most successful sleep devices, but the only way to find which is the right sleep apnea oral appliance for you is to be evaluated by a sleep dentist.

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Narval CC

The Narval CC Oral Sleep Apnea ApplianceThe Narval CC utilizes the benefits of computer design and manufacturing to create a truly custom appliance that is small, lightweight, and comfortable. It is easily adjustable so it can be further customized as necessary for comfort or effectiveness.

SomnoMed MAS

somnomed-mediumThe SomnoMed MAS is a two-part appliance that has a special “dorsal fin” coupling that allows you to open and close your jaw normally during sleep. It can be fitted to people with a wide arch and is made of a highly durable acrylic, so it can withstand the forces of a clenched bite. It’s even covered by a three year manufacturer’s warranty.


tap3The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP) was one of the first effective sleep devices, and the TAP 3 develops the technology to new levels of comfort and effectiveness. It is adjustable both by your dentist and by you, so you can get just the right treatment. It is a highly durable appliance, but allows more room for the tongue and more lateral movement than previous version of TAP.


emaThe EMA is a low-adjustment oral appliance that is good for people who have borderline sleep apnea. Its benefits include comfort and limited impact on your tooth position—good orthodontic stability.

Herbst Telescopic Appliance

herbst lateral viewThe Herbst sleep device can be delicately adjusted to give you a precise fit and conform to tight treatment parameters. It has a very impressive clinical history, having been proven to be highly effective at treating snoring as well as mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Tongue Retaining Device (TRD)

trdThe TRD works differently than other sleep apnea devices. Unlike jaw advancement devices (all those above), the TRD supports your airway by creating a vacuum in the bulb at the front of the device, which can keep your tongue from falling backward and closing your airway.

Silent Nite

silent_nite1The Silent Nite is a snoring treatment appliance that is not a sleep apnea treatment. It is similar in principle to the EMA, but is an even lower-impact treatment.

Mouthpieces and CPAP

Although mouthpieces and CPAP are different approaches to treating CPAP, they are not necessarily antithetical. Sometimes, they can be used in combination with specially designed devices, such as the TAP-PAP. The TAP-PAP allows you to get the benefits of CPAP without the need for a bulky mask. Instead, the air is delivered in a more focused way through your mouthpiece, which means you can use a lower air pressure and get the same or better benefit from your CPAP. Please call 720-317-2700 today.